Can any age get this done?

Color changes in children's eyes up until the age of 6-7. After that age, it is more precise on their specific constitutions.


Can I drive after the procedure?



Will my eyes change if I get better?

There will be changes with in the color of the iris. Structure was with you at birth and will never change.

When can I wear makeup or contacts?

Most certainly. make up and contacts make no difference. I do ask that colored contacts not be used as this effects color outcome. 

Will it hurt?

It is a non invasive procedure. I use a high resolution camera and special lighting to take iris photos. No pain!


What can you see through iridology?
Iridology can tell us many things. Some of these things include digestive tract integrity, lymphatic system, inherited and acquired dispositions to name a few.


Can you see if I have cancer?

We can see the state of the tissues in each organ and systems in the body. Illness lies in levels of inflammation, or degenerative tissue states. We can see if there is a potential for significant tissue issues and will refer accordingly. I do not diagnose but I suggest.


How long does it take?

It can range from 1-2 hours to go through the assessment.



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